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An affair to remember

His name was Jack.  He was short but powerful, fluid in his movements, and boy did he have a way of making me forget all others before him.  I sought him out after a night of pouring out of heart-felt professions that culminated in me saying goodbye - yes, that kind of goodbye.

I was happy to find Jack seemingly waiting for me, ready to take me into his potent embrace and allow me to forget the pangs of unrequited feelings.  I needed his no-nonsense manner, his one-tracked purpose. He was extraordinarily skilled in his craft, a deftness for which I was exceedingly grateful. It was quick, relatively, and I was left dazed, my head whirling, laughter springing forth from my gut, but no pain. 

I woke the next morning with little memory of the night before, only a vague recollection of finding Jack and knowing where he'd take me.  Slowly, I began to reconstruct the puzzle from translucent memories and email logs.  As I plundered through the kitchen looking for something to take the edge off my headache, I caught a glimpse of my night's companion, and I could tell he spent himself entirely for my benefit.  It was the first time I had ever sought so vehemently the comfort of someone like him. It was an awkward moment as I vascillated between being ashamed of my perfunctory actions and being thankful that he took me with such exquisite skill. Without much fanfare, I ushered what remained of him into oblivion and closed the door. 

Thank you, Mr. Daniels, for your incredible prowess.

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