December 23rd, 2005

Comical appraisal of womankind?

Lessons from Charles Schulz

I think Charles Schulz had something to say about the nature of women. Why do I say this? Because Charlie Brown endlessly fell for Lucy's proclamations of reformation. When CB was so masterfully brought back into Lucy's realm of influence, persuaded to once again let her be his placekick holder, the dance would start again. Inevitably what happened? Trust was regained, a poor chap was once again encouraged to take a chance and then it happened as so many times before - Lucy yanked his balls (metaphorically?) right away from him. And yet, she could so easily and effortlessly regain favor with him.

Mr. Schulz had the right idea with Snoopy - go through life with your mouth shut, pretend you are a hero, and once in a while, do The Happy Dance.
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