April 25th, 2005

Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep.  These are not synonyms, nor are they remotely connected in my world.  I have slept about 7 hours the past couple of nights and have not rested at all.  During the bout of insomnia, I would sleep 3 hours and be moderately rested.  My body is tingling again.  Ugh.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to retire the guise of Superwoman.  For the longest time, I had this mentality that I should be able to do anything, dammit.  Mom is out of the picture - moreso than just being physically away.  Because of some things she has pulled since being gone, I have decided, with much trepidation, to pretend she no longer exists.  I am starting my Masters degree this fall.  There are just a lot of changes in my world and I think I need to slow down a little.

On a seriously happier note, I get to see Martin Sexton tomorrow night (Tuesday) at Stubb's.  I've waited for over 2 years for him to return to Austin.  I'm dragging a friend with me.  divine_cow was going to go, but her Tuesday schedule is enough to send the most hearty of soccer moms into a shock coma. 

I thought I had more to say than this.  Bah.
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