April 21st, 2005

Next stop - Looneyville.

Something's gotta give. It seems the more I try to simplify my life, the more complicated it gets. I hope it's a temporary thing. We've been trying (i've been trying) to SuperNanny everyone's ass here. Things were going well with getting Beanie to put herself to bed until tonight. It was good for a bit, she looked like she was going to make it in under the 10-minute mark. Then I had the hairbrained idea to leave the room. Well, for the next 55 minutes she screamed, got out of bed, screamed, got out of bed, screamed, got out of bed. 33 times this sequence played out. By time #20, I was ready to put something through the wall. But I didn't break. I didn't make a sound. I didn't look at her. I carried her back to bed facing away from me. She FINALLY went to sleep 65 minutes after I first put her down. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Oh, that's right. I had to leave the room to put Zach back to bed who decided that he had to pee. So I stood there to watch. He didn't pee. He got his butt whacked once and put back to bed. He fell asleep. He's my smart one. So about 3/4 of the way through the ordeal with Beanie, Gabriel starts yelling - a full hour after his bedtime. "Mommy! Get me water." I went in there and said calmly, "You are not getting water. Had you asked for water when you went to bed in the first place, that is one thing, but now, you're stalling. I'm sorry. Go to sleep." Collect the toddling Beanie and place her back in bed. Listen to blood-curdling screaming. Hear Gabriel now going "Owwwieeeee! Owwwwieeeeee! Mommy! Mommy!" So I walk back in there. "Something better be bleeding, broken, burning, or missing." "My leg hurts." I'm sorry, Gabriel. Go to sleep. "But my leg hurts." "Gabriel, I am not sure I can believe you because your leg was fine until I told you you couldn't have water." "But it hurts!" "Go to sleep Gabriel. The next step is a smack on your butt." He went to sleep. Collect the toddling Beanie and place her back in bed. Start backing out of the room. Repeat process 10 more times. She FINALLY went to sleep, but I had to hover over her for a minute or so to keep her from getting up.

So here it is 9:10. I still haven't had time to go to the gym tonight. Chris is with Tom training in Jujitsu - I asked them to make it a short night so I could get to the gym. I guess they decided that it didn't matter. I asked Chris, not Tom. Maybe I should ask Tom next time.

I am still queasy about the LiveSTRONG bracelet.

There was some excitement today with divine_cow and her middle child. He apparently thought it would be a really neat trick to see how far a bush branch could penetrate the shin. I must say, I was impressed with his findings. Luckily, he is fine and amazed me with his composure for still a kid.

Oh, and my mother got her phone hooked up. Guess who called tonight?

Look, here's my stop. Better go.
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