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I met a 20-year-old young woman while Beanie was in the hospital. Her name was Amber and she had 2 kids, a 13-month-old daughter (Reagan), and a 3-month-old son (Clint). For whatever reason, we hit it off pretty well and became instant friends. Reagan, a month or so before, had started having seizure which would cause her to stop breathing during the seizure, and on a couple of occasions, stopped her heart. Pretty scary and the doctors couldn't find a reason for it. About a month ago, Amber, her husband, and the kids moved to North Carolina. Because they were moving into their new place, I hadn't talked to her in a couple of weeks.

She called tonight. It was a collect call. Amber had put Reagan to bed, then put Clint down, then went back to check on Reagan (about 5 minutes lapsed). Reagan was blue and not breathing. Amber grabbed her, started CPR and ran to neighbors' houses to find someone home to call 911. By the time EMS arrived, Reagan had been without oxygen in excess of 10 minutes.

She is technically alive. A machine is breathing for her. She has rudimentary brainstem function. But that is about it. It gets worse, which is incredible. One of the odd things about Reagan's condition is that she metabolized anti-seizure medication REALLY fast, so they were never able to keep her blood levels high enough to thwart the seizures. Well, the new doctors in NC aren't really aware of that, so now Amber is being accused of withholding Reagan's medicine and ultimately causing her impending death. She is not allowed to leave the hospital. She is only allowed to spend time with Reagan if someone else is in the room with her. It's a nightmare. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone crying with her. I cannot even imagine what she is going through. Tomorrow they get the longterm prognosis and will probably be turning off the life support.

Please keep her, Reagan, Josh (husband/dad) in your prayers.

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