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Beanie had her MRI yesterday and thankfully, everything was negative. The poor baby still cannot walk 2 steps without falling down. Her gait is just so...well, she looks like she's just learned to walk. She was markedly worse this morning with her walking, but I think the upper body tremors have subsided a little. I've done some research on post viral syndrome acute cerebellar ataxia and all sources suggest that we should have seen, or will be seeing soon, resolution to this. Apparently, the antibodies that are formed to fight a viral illness can start attacking the balance center of the brain. This is rare, occurring in only 1 in 250,000-500,000 cases of viral illnesses. The Smith women have a knack at being quite unique, I guess. At least there isn't anything organic going on with her noggin. That's a huge relief.

Our tenants are leaving our house, which leaves us to figure out how to pay the $1100 mortgage. divine_cow had some very good suggestions, which are still being taken into consideration. According to our realtor, the market in Leander is really good for sellers, with houses staying listed less than 30 days and she thinks we could get about $30K out of it in the end (profit). Despite this, I think we're going to hang onto the house. Some friends of ours are looking to upsize (they have 4 adults and 1 child living in a smallish 3-bedroom apartment). So I think we're going to split their lease buyout with them (which will save us about $600) and get them into the house.

Other than that, I'm terribly sleep deprived and a real bitch to be around. I finally let the angel kill the lizard, so we'll see what happens with that. See, divine_cow, it just takes me a while to get there.

And many thanks, again, to divine_cow and peculiar_notion for the heads up on saving supper. Some yummy, inexpensive stuff there.

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